Ash thinks:

Oh no look, you can see my feet. There's probably a joke in that, maybe. Like a joke on the mistake of my feet, kinda thing? Kind of a self-deprecating thing on lack of photography skills. Or on the rather tacky mirror-shine of these black gravestones. They're like the Jordan's wedding dress of memorials, really.

If only Jimmy Carr was here, to distract me with his eerie foetusy face, then I could think of one. Or maybe Tommy Cooper. He was great, him. You know that bit where he said "Before I go, I just want to say this. 'This'." And then just wheezed at himself, like, "I love how silly I am." Oh, I used to love him. He's dead now. I wonder where he's buried. Probably not a funny grave though. Not like Spike Milligan's which has 'I told you I was ill' on it. Heheh. He knew what it was about, did Spike. I bet Jimmy Carr won't have anything funny on his grave. Maybe just 'You know, that bloke who was on The Friday Night Project but wasn't the really camp one with the same name. Remembered fondly and with... oh you know, the one with raisins for eyes.'

I can't believe my feet got onto that. I probably shouldn't use it. There's nothing funny about the name or anything. Wonder why I even took it in the first place. Oh well. I want a Toffee Crisp.


Blogger Matthew said...

It's not just Spike Milligan who had a laugh with his epitaph? Was Locke or Hobbes whose grave stone read "THIS is the Philosopher's stone."

2:56 pm  
Blogger Blue Rains and Daisy Chains said...

Do you want to know what's kind of worrying, but also makes me feel kind of better about myself? I've had exactly the same problem, when I take picture of granite stones, I always get a picture of my feet. That's why I stick to sandstone or slate now... Sounds like a bad advert.

Cool pictures by the way, interesting captions.

If you want to see some pretty cool calligraphic stones Derby has some fancy onces in the cemetery within Elvaston Castle.

6:43 pm  
Blogger kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...


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12:35 am  

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