"Oh... you know... wossisface... bloke I married."

"Oh yes, the Muppets audition went pretty well, I think."
The rain it raineth...

...on the sociable...

...on the terribly radical...

...on the, um, well, how do we put it kindly...

and especially on the gothic.
They had always wanted a pool.

Ted loved Dairylea.


"Yes, none of us have seen him for quite some time."

"At first we just thought he'd got really good at hiding."

"He's taking it all a bit too seriously. If only I hadn't given him that Bret Easton Ellis for Christmas."

"Whatever. I'm more interested in finding the guy who did my nose, and doing his nose."
"Nah, I'm bored. I'll probably put the whole set up on eBay once I get my Wii."

Willy Wonka wept.




"This is absolutely and entirely humiliating."

"Oh, boo effing hoo."

The local phoneboxes were full to brimming, and Nancy - already trying to get ahead of the game by undercutting the competition - had to think fast.

(NB Yes, that is the back of a grave you see there. And if there was some hilarious juxtaposition to be made with the name of the interred, I missed it. I did note down the address, though, for research purposes.)

The singer's family expressed their heartfelt thanks to the twit with the marker.

Bloody tourists.

Bless you.

And here we see a vicuña, native of Peru.

Together we stood and mourned the loss of our non-returnable deposit.